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Testimonial from Meg @ Picnic Point

Testimonial from Meg @ Picnic Point

Are you searching for the right furniture to match your home and your lifestyle?

Do you know what size rug to buy? Or what colour artwork you should hang?

Not sure how to balance your existing furniture with new pieces?

Can't find the right colour?

This is where I can help.

I will recommend, source and specify items that fit your space perfectly.

First the determine exactly what you want and need. From there, I consider colours, patterns, textures and sizes that will work for you. 

Now the tools...

1. Mood boards - all the items I recommend are put together in a mood board so you can see how they work together and with any existing pieces you have.

2. Design Outline - this is a run down of how each item solves your issue and impacts your space.

There is no obligation to purchase the items I recommend.

These tools will give you a design direction to guide you through the decision process. You will know exactly what to look for.

Think of it as a designer guide, custom made for you.  


The SHIFT IN DESIGN process is unique to your space and your requirements. Packages start from $320.00 but can be tailored to suit your individual needs and therefore package prices may vary.

Contact me for more information.


Are you ready to make the shift into your beautifully designed space? 

Get in touch to find out more and let the SHIFT begin.