SHIFT- to change the place, position, or direction of

Are you ready to transform your space?

Are you ready for a fresh design experience?

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SHIFT interior design is a customised design consultation service. It's all you need to spice up your home, update your style, set up for a special event or just rearrange the layout to improve the flow to give your space a design edge.

Design is about tweaking and shifting to find that sweet spot that's just right for you.

Design is not about scrapping what you have and making it all sparkly and new. Sometimes, it's about maintaining the integrity of your beloved pieces and incorporating a new look to create balance and harmony between them.

From the smallest details to the grandest ideas, Rosanne and her team will help you realise the potential of your space, creating a more functional and comfortable space you love to live in.

SHIFT offers spatial planning advice, styling, colour specification and sourcing furniture, artwork, mirrors, rugs, homewares, decorative pieces and more.   

The SHIFT design process is simple and fun - and they wouldn't have it any other way!

The first step is the brief, where we uncover your design style, budget, wants and needs.

From this, we can establish key areas and focal points of your home and use design elements to bring each space to life. Specifying colours, patterns, textures and sizes to use as a guide when you are ready to hit the shops and transform your space. 

Of course, if you want to continue the journey with me and you just don't have time to shop around we are happy to source all the items for you.

You can even take advantage of our styling service to complete your new look, making your space photoshoot ready and magazine worthy.

Any design advice you need, temporary or permanent, we can help.

Contact me with your enquiry and get excited about design.

Let the SHIFT begin...